Pixie Cut For Black Women Hair Ideas quite possibly more classy than any other hairstyle and if your hair is thin on a pixie cut make sure you color your black hair for a fuller look.

Use a wrap at night if your hair is shaved or tapered in the back and on the sides. A wrap cap is one where the cap has a velcro closure and is open in the top. Wear the wrap cap around the shaved or tapered area. This will help you sleep comfortably without messing up your style.

1/4 inch Flat iron is essential.

Essential oils will help hydrate your hair. A small amount is needed.

Shampoo your hair every week or no less than 2 weeks. This is important because your scalp produces a natural oil called sebum. With short hair it doesn’t have a very long strand to move down so it can build up quite quickly resulting in weighed down oily strands.

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